ZNE Home

Pacific Gas and Electric has been providing energy & natural gas solutions for California residents since 1905, with its commitment to environmental concerns in recent years paving the way for energy conservation. The new Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home model built at their Stockton energy-training facility helps educate consumers on how to greatly reduce their environmental footprint using advanced interactive tools created by Leviathan.

Guests touring the Luci Creative-designed ZNE home are provided with iPads that display a virtual model of the home, with each zone triggered seamlessly upon approach via iBeacons. Interactive hot spots call up multiple levels of information for the home’s features. Guests can even have documentation from their tour emailed instantly; all the while PG&E administers such features by a comprehensive CMS. A 7-foot interactive touchscreen greets visitors in the home’s entrance with further education and exploration of ways to save both money and the environment through annual and seasonal comparisons. The end result = energy conservation + brand elevation.



Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Producer: James Turek

Sr. Engineer: Adam Berg

Programming: David Braun, Ben Gottlieb, Elburz Sorkhabi

System Integration: Lucas Schira

Design & Animation: Alexis Copeland, Nik Braatz, Gareth Fewel

3D Modeling & Animation: Andrew Butterworth, Nathan Davies

Editor: Kirill Mazor

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White



Editor: Kirill Mazor

Design: Gareth Fewel

Compositing: Andrew Butterworth, Anthony Malagutti

Producer: Erica Grubman

Sound Design: Joel Corelitz

Soundtrack: Marmoset



Strategy & Design: Luci Creative

Architects: SmithgroupJJR

A/V Integration: Electrosonic

Soundtrack: Marmoset

Audio: Dog & Pony Studios

Exhibit Fabrication: Ravenswood Studios

Construction: Roebbelen Contracting

Energy Consultant: Carrie Brown, Ph.D. at Resource Refocus

Special Thanks: Sam Jensen Augustine and Matthew Baker at PG&E