Amon Tobin

Wooden Toy

Continuing the artistic collaboration with VJ Vello Virkhaus and electronic music pioneer Amon Tobin, Leviathan contributed new visual content for the 2012 ISAM 2.0 tour, including visuals to accompany the tracks Journeyman and Wooden Toy.

For Wooden Toy, Leviathan recruited the help of the Chicago-based, non-profit performance company Red Moon to design and build multiple cubes that incorporated puppets, simple machines and other moving parts. These unique spectacles were then filmed and composited into the larger ISAM stage layout, adding natural elements to an electronically derived music experience.



Manager: Jeff Waye
Ninja Tune


Director: Vello Virkhaus // V-Squared Labs

Show Programmer: Peter Sistrom


Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Producer: Brandy Olsen

3D Animation: David Brodeur // Katrina Nelken

3D Prep: Craig Zacok

Illustrator: Mike Coon

VFX: Tim Sepulveda

Compositing: Chris Beers

Editor: Mike LaHood

Assistant Fabricator: Kevin Primm

Production Assistant: Rachel Broaddus

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Chief Scientist: Matt Daly

Wooden Toy set fabrication Art Directed by Redmoon’s Co-Artistic Director, Frank Maugeri. Redmoon’s team of collaborators includes Kass Copeland, Tom Robinson, Jack McLaughlin, Shawn Stucky and Puppeteer, Kasey Foster


Director: Matt Daly

Director: Bradon Webb

Producer: Brandy Olsen

VFX Supervisor: Tim Sepulveda

DP: Mike LaHood

Gaffer: Derick Smith

Grip: Emily Hindin

Builder: Jack McLaughlin

Production Assistant: Anirudha Hanamantache

Puppeteer on Act 3: O’Connor Hartnett


Editor: Mike LaHood

Design: Gareth Fewel

DP: Mike LaHood

DP: Aaron Edwards

Special Thanks to Redmoon Theater for their continuous generosity, hospitality and support.

@2012 Produced by Leviathan