United Center

Interactive Experience

The Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks have called the United Center their home since 1994, but the latest addition to this iconic sports facility is really giving fans something to cheer about: a new 10,000 sq. ft. retail experience dubbed the Madhouse Team Store. The store is open on both event and non-event days, so Leviathan was brought in to create multiple digital engagements to entertain visitors year-round.

Fans visiting the store will have the opportunity to make play-by-play calls from some of the most famous moments in Blackhawks’ and Bulls’ history via interactive touchscreens inside a technologically reinvigorated CTA train car. The car also features an interactive photo booth that will allow guests to insert themselves into iconic photos that can then be shared on their personal social media channels. Additionally, a large interactive timeline lets multiple fans simultaneously search through photos, videos, and fun facts of each team’s history.

To quote Craig Geffrey, Director of Retail Operations: “Leviathan’s marketing technology at the Madhouse Team Store has been a great success for our guests of all ages…a huge value add to the shopping experience for our Bulls and Blackhawks fans at the United Center.”



Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Producer: Bill Galusha

Interactive Director: Austin Mayer

Director of Engineering: Adam Berg

Software Development: Christopher Hall, David Braun, Bradon Webb

Design + Animation: Nikolaus Braatz, Gareth Fewel

3D Modeling + Animation: Nikolaus Braatz

Editor: Kirill Mazor

Associate Producer: Brittany Maddock

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White



Technology Vendor: Whitlock

Store Design + Fabrication: 555

Bulls + Blackhawks Media: United Center, The Chicago Blackhawks, The Chicago Bulls



Director: Jason White

Director of Photography: O’Connor Hartnett

Producer: Brittany Maddock

Assistant Producer: Bill Galusha

Production Coordinator: Sierra Thompson

Editor + Colorist: Kirill Mazor

2D Design + Animation: Gareth Fewel

On-Site Engineer: Christopher Hall, David Braun

Camera Assistant: Dae Hyun Kim

Grip + Electric: Mark Charles Davis

Production Assistants: Andrea Montealegre, Tom Jurgensen, RJ Hermanowicz

Exterior + Establishing Footage + Fans Entering Stadium: The Chicago Blackhawks

Bulls Fan Footage + Bulls Game Footage: The Chicago Bulls

Music: Marmoset

Sound Design: Nathan Cox-Reed

Talent: Desirae Day, Seth Origitano

Extras: Nicole Beyer, Paulina Ramirez Parra, Joseph Gruenthal, Richard Parks, Jin Zhang, Bill Galusha, Brittany Maddock, Christopher Hall