Sundance TV

The Red Road

The name of SundanceTV’s original drama “The Red Road” was inspired by a Native American concept focused on the right path of life and self-discovery. Many of this series’ troubled characters seem to follow any road but the right one. Taking cues from the story’s physical landscapes, our creative team used a simple stroke of red against black to powerfully brand the show and hint at tragedies yet to come. To learn more about “The Red Road”  click here.


Creative Director, Designer & 2D/3D Animation: Bradon Webb

Producer: Ellen Schopler

3D Animation: Anthony Malagutti //Katrina Nelken

2D/3D Animation & Compositing: Kyle Shoup

2D/3D Animation: Ely Beyer

Logo Design: Sara Ridky

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Chief Scientist: Matt Daly