Test Stride

Nike’s Global Sportswear team challenged Leviathan to get the right people talking about–and testing out–the brand’s new winter line of SneakerBoots and Tech Pack Aeroloft jackets. Launched in Shanghai, the event–dubbed Test Stride–invited media and VIP influencers to experience both lines’ weatherproof benefits, first-hand.

Invented by Leviathan, hi-tech product displays guided participants to the core attraction: a 170-foot-long interactive obstacle course–complete with jagged terrain, a flooded street and barricaded alley. This competitive event used human motion to trigger visuals and track participant’s scores in real-time, while an automatic photo-capture feature displayed their victory across a vivid 30-ft-wide display.

Nike Test Stride moved beyond familiar product trials to create an authentic and shareable experience for not-easily-impressed attendees. Coverage of the event was global, generating excitement around Nike’s release for premiere streetwear and fashion media outlets.


Client:  Nike

Global Sportswear Communications Director: Jered Thorp

Communications Director, China: Iveet Shiau

Communications Director, China: Vivian Tu


Creative Agency: Leviathan

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Interactive Director: Austin Mayer

Producer: Gina Giambalvo

Brand Strategist: Rachel Ginsberg

Digital Strategist: Justina Nguyen


Course + Exhibit Design:  Leviathan

Creative Director: Austin Mayer

Producer: Gina Giambalvo

Lead Designer: Gareth Fewel

2D/3D Design: Gareth Fewel, Kyle Shoup, Andrew Butterworth, Matt Burton, Nik Braatz, Yuan Chen, Becka Riccio

3D Modeling: Andrew Butterworth, Jesus Bibian, Victor Lopez, Todd Kumpf, Justin Mohlman, Brody Davis

Structural engineering: Chicago Scenic

Exhibit fabrication: Layuetsai


Course Content + Interactive Design: Leviathan

Interactive Director: Austin Mayer

Producer: Gina Giambalvo

Associate Producer: Ryan Snyder

Lead Designers: Alexis Copeland, Gareth Fewel, Krzys Pianko

2D/3D Design + Animation:  Alexis Copeland, Gareth Fewel, Krzys Pianko, Brody Davis, Spencer Seibert, Yuan Chen

Editor: Kirill Mazor

Render Consultant: Lucas Schira

Music & Sound Design: Waveplant

Additional Engineering: Austin Mayer, Adam Berg

Interactive System Engineering: Volvox Labs


“Test Stride” Video:  Leviathan

Director: Jason White

Lead Designer: Gareth Fewel

Editor: Kirill Mazor

2D animation: Kyle Shoup, Alexis Copeland,

Producer: Gina Giambalvo

Music and Sound Design: Waveplant

Production Crew: Studio Stare