Kelley Blue Book


To roll out the new, Kelley Blue Book’s first-ever national broadcast campaign was launched. Advertising agency Doner wanted visual fanfare fit for such a huge launch event, so Leviathan combined a broadcast TV spot with the visual pyrotechnics of 3D projection mapping, giving a new look to the 86 year old KBB. Responsible for live action direction and production, design and animation, projection mapping, editorial and visual effects, Leviathan provided a single, integrated resource from start to finish. Music and sound design was provided by Leviathan’s friend and collaborator, Waveplant.



CCO/Co-President: Rob Strasberg

Executive Creative Director: Justin M. Smith

Creative Director: Jason Jakubiak

Creative Director: Michael Leslie

Writer: Michael Haftel

Art Director: Eduardo Inderbitzin

EVP Brand Leadership: Lisa Nardone

Brand Leader: Beth Ellis

Brand Leader: Samantha Goff

Senior Business Manager: Laura Patnales

Senior Talent Manager: Kendra Goolsby

Senior Producer: Jack Nelson


Director: Matt Daly

Creative Director: Sam Gierasimczuk

DP: David Wagreich

Producer: Lauren Shawe

Line Producer: Greg Bartlett

Editor: Andrew Maggio

Assistant Editor: Mike LaHood

Visual Effects Director: Tim Sepulveda

Technical Director: Bradon Webb

Programmer: Adam Berg

3D Artists: Sam Gierasimczuk // David Brodeur // Nate Davies // Katrina Nelken // Aaron Baker // Drew Parks // Dave Pascuito

Designers: Sam Gierasimczuk // David Brodeur // Nate Davies // Tim Sepulveda

Design Support: Gareth Fewel

Compositing: Chris Beers // Fred Kim // Craig Zacok // Aaron Baker

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Chief Scientist: Matt Daly

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Music/Sound Design: Waveplant // Joel Corelitz

Online: Hootenanny