Numbers in Nature

The Museum of Science and Industry is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, and contains such magnificent exhibits as an enormous U-505 submarine and a full-scale home of the future. Numbers in Nature, the institution’s latest permanent exhibit and newest collaboration with Leviathan, explores the recurrence of patterns and mathematics in our natural world through artful film and interactive installations.

Beginning with an ultra-widescreen theater, we help introduce these phenomena through immersive video content, combining original and existing photography with motion graphics and visual effects. To give guests some hands-on learning, a series of interactive installations (and a mind-bending mirror maze) further explain individual scientific principles touched on in the film. Guests can look into a two-way mirror and see their own natural proportions superimposed ala di Vinci’s Vitruvian Man in real time; or virtually explore 3D spirals, voronoi and other patterns that appear naturally using nothing but the wave of a hand. Combining simple analog controls such as knobs, wheels and blocks with cutting-edge technology such as touchscreens, Kinect cameras and Leap Motion sensors, our team designed nearly a dozen dynamic experiences to not only engage children and adults alike but also remain relevant well into the next decade.



Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Sr. Producer: Lauren Shawe

Art Director/Designer: Gareth Fewel

Designer/Animator: Ely Beyer

3D Modeler/Animator/Compositor: Anthony Malagutti // Andrew Butterworth

Designer: Alexis Copeland

2D Animator: Tobias Mattner

C4D/AE Animator/Compositor: Jesse Willis // Anthony Morrelle

VFX/Compositor: Chris Beers

Editor: Billy Sheahan

Technical Project Lead: Dennis Chau

Sr. Programmer/Research Engineer: Adam Berg

Programmer/Creative Technologist: Harvey Moon

Technical Support: Lucas Schira

Script Writer: Paul Rosenthal

Music Composer: Joel Corelitz / Waveplant

6 Channel Audio Mix: Sum1

VO Talent Search & Record: Dog and Pony

VO Artist: Andrea Hadhazy

President/Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Chief Scientist: Matt Daly


Line Producer: Sung Hwang 

DP: Mark Woods / TechnoCranes Chicago

Case Study:

Videography/Photography: Gareth Fewel // Tobias Mattner

Designer/Animator: Gareth Fewel // Alexis Copeland

Editor: Gareth Fewel // Tobias Mattner

MSI Staff:

Vice President, Exhibits & Collections: Kurt Haunfelner

Senior Exhibit Developer: Olivia M. Castellini, Ph.D.

Director, Exhibit Design & Development: John S. Beckman

Senior Project Manager: Mark Ewing

Exhibit Project Manager: Faith Griggs-York

Design Manager: Angela Williams 

Senior Coordinator/Researcher: Sarah Ingraham


Exhibit Design: Luci Creative

Exhibit Fabrication: Ravenswood Studios

Computer Hardware/Projectors Set Up/Installation: Creative Technology

Lighting Design: Lightswitch

Exhibit Lighting: ILC

Exhibit Writer: Heather Lindquist / Harvest Moon Studio