Mirror Mirage

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas opened 25 years ago and yet remains one of the largest and consistently-booked hotels in the world to this day. But in a city of 24-hour entertainment, even flagship properties have to reinvent themselves regularly, and the MGM Grand is no exception. On the eve of a new year, Leviathan was selected to begin the resort’s transformation where guests first experience the hotel: the lobby.

The interactive lobby installation – dubbed Mirror Mirage – was built to surround the hotel’s iconic lion statue with gilded reflective video displays, where dynamic animation sparks through guests’ movement. In keeping with the MGM Grand’s aesthetic, golden content driven by computer vision swirls about and follows onlookers’ reflections, merging brand awareness with interactive art.


MGM Marketing Agency: Vox Creative


Creative Agency: Leviathan

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Director of Research and Engineering: Adam Berg

Lead Engineer: David Braun

Account Director: Justin Hoot

Production: Justin Hoot, Bill Galusha, Brittany Maddock

Assistant Concept Development: Anthony Malagutti, Bradon Webb, Mike Tello, Andrew Butterworth

2D/3D Design + Animation: Tom Jurgensen, Nik Braatz, Emily Cai

Senior Designer: Gareth Fewel



Artist / Fabricator: Floyd A. Davis IV

On-Site Installation Assistant: Nick Rossi


Contributing Photography and Video: Vox Creative

Creative Director: Lloyd D’Souza

Producer: Julia Ochsenreiter

Campaign Producer: Alexandra Fontanez

Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin

Senior Editor: Phil Cecconi

Director of Creative Development: Benjamin Solomon

Creative Strategist: Diane Day Kim

Account Director: Jeremy Kirschner

Senior Account Manager: Corey Sudhalter


MGM Grand

Director of Marketing Activation / Onsite Photographer: Evan Breckenridge