Amon Tobin


Esteemed electronic musician Amon Tobin’s greatest success to date is the unique live performance of his 7th studio album, ISAM. Upon the show’s premiere in 2011, the subsequent tour went on to mesmerize audiences, sell out venues worldwide, and garner phenomenal press…then doubled in scale the following year and repeated the same feat. Leviathan was a key creative and engineering partner from the start, helping to create one of the most talked-about entertainment experiences in the genre’s history.


Amon Tobin

Manager: Jeff Waye
Ninja Tune

V-squared Labs:
Director: Vello Virkhaus
Producer: Anastasia King Jaress
Lead Programmer: Peter Sistrom
Animators: Emilio Sa, Carlo Sa, Dave Foss, Bryant Place

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Creative Director: Sam Gierasimczuk for “Piece of Paper” and “Go to 10”
Creative Director: Bradon Webb for “Journeyman”, “Wooden Toy” and “Kitty Cat”
Producer: Brandy Olsen
Programmer: Adam Berg
3D Animation: Jody Evenson, Katrina Nelken, David Brodeur, Blake Cartwright, David Brodeur, Dan Tiffany, Jimi Filipovski, Dave Pasciuto
Compositing: Tim Sepulveda, Erik Jensen, Chris Beers,

Design Development: Derek Weglarz, Gareth Fewel, Aaron Edwards
Assistant Producer: Krissy Estrada
Editor on “Go to 10”: Daniel Ryan

Stage Set:
Production Designer: Alex Lazarus
Set Designer: Heather Shaw, Vita Motus
Set Construction: Stefano Novelli