Interactive Tradeshow

Everything PepsiCo does is aimed at fueling growth now and in the future. A long-time exhibitor at the annual NACS Show, the brand was looking to demonstrate how it’s uniquely positioned to unlock granular growth by leverage proprietary analytics. Together with Mirror Show Management, Leviathan helped prove this through a series of informative digital engagements.

To convey how analytics helps drive product innovation, retailers were able to pick up RFID-tagged products that, when physically engaged, show valuable attributes in vibrant fashion. A large projection-mapped display and easy-to-understand touch interface allowed guests to comb through PepsiCo’s vast geolocation data to understand brand engagement on the path to purchase. And the complexity of product display planograms were distilled down to impactful digital displays that ultimately demonstrate the payoff for the brand’s customers.


Exhibit Design Agency: Mirrorshow Management


Interactive Design: Leviathan

Interactive Director: Austin Mayer

Account Director: Justin Hoot

Producer: Brittany Maddock, Justin Hoot

Director of Engineering: Adam Berg

Creative Director: Gareth Fewel

Design: Gareth Fewel, Nik Braatz, Jesse Willis

Animation: Nik Braatz, Jesse Willis, Gareth Fewel

Software Engineer: David Braun

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White


Case Study Video: Leviathan

Director: Gareth Fewel, Jason White

Producer: Brittany Maddock

Editor: Kirill Mazor

Compositing: Anthony Malagutti

Sound: Marmoset