In collaboration with Kohler’s internal brand team, Leviathan helped to conceive an elegant visual campaign around their vast array of available finishes. The central web & retail spot — along with subsequent still images rendered for print, online and retail — were created using computer generated assets, allowing maximum flexibility for current and future updates.

Opening with blueprint diagrams and evolving into dynamic transitions of various metallic finishes adhering to fixtures, this narrative establishes just how powerful Kohler finishes can be in transforming a room to suit one’s tastes.


Client: Kohler

Executive Creative Director: Craig Barnard

Art Director: Matt Kunz

Copywriter: Theo Harris

Sr. Content Producer: George Friedman

Agency: Leviathan

Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Producer: Ryan Snyder

Lead 3D Artists: Anthony Malagutti, Andrew Butterworth

2D/3D Design & Animation: Anthony Malagutti, Andrew Butterworth, Alexis Copeland, Gareth Fewel, Nik Braatz, Zach LaPlante, Mark Walczak

Fluid Simulation: Octavio De Lellis

Editor: Kirill Mazor

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Music & Sound Design: Joel Corelitz, Waveplant