Launching any new product generally warrants a sizable production and car manufacturers in particular tend to unveil their latest and greatest in epic fashion. But when Dodge chose to resurrect the classic Dart for 2013, they took the on-ramp less traveled, and that made all the difference. Using the Dart’s unique red lighting as a stylish highlight throughout the piece, Leviathan incorporated 3D and motion design with and complex projection mapping into a live action shoot. Surreal environments and movement were simulated by casting an evolving landscape on a massive custom background set, sending the Dart on a journey across abstract cityscapes, over bridges and through tunnels, and into the minds of consumers.



President/CEO: Curt Catallo

Art Director: Mike Carter

Editor/Digital Artist: Mark Fancher

Producer/Mgr. Multimedia Producer: Kathi Strace


Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Art Director: Tuesday McGowan

Creative Engineer: Adam Berg

Producer: Lauren Shawe

Design Director: Tim Sepulveda

2D/3D Animator: David Brodeur // Katrina Nelken // Chris Beers

3D Artists: Dimitri Luedemann // Stephen Fitzgerald // Dave Pascuito // Susan Taaffe // Blake Cartwright // Nathan Davies // Kurt Lawson

2D Artists: Aaron Edwards // Nathaniel Costa

Editor: Daniel Ryan

Assistant Editor: Maeve Price

Behind the Scenes shoot: Jimi Filipovski


Director: Matt Daly

DP: David Wagreich

Gaffer: Stuart Copley

Grip: Joshua Linkey

Line Producer: Greg Bartlett

Production Supervisor: Shannon Cragin

Color Correction: NOLO

Executive Producer: Joe Flanagan

Colorist: Mike Matusek

Assistant Colorist: Elliot Rudmann

Online: Hootenanny

Executive Producer: Don Avila

Sr. Smoke Operator: Jim Annerino

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Technical Director: Matt Daly