Connected City

Jabil may well be one of the largest companies you’ve not heard of, though the 45-year-old $18B tech giant is also the name behind 250 of the best brands on the planet. To generate more awareness of its brand the manufacturer developed Blue Sky Center, the 100,000-square-foot design and demo facility in San Jose, CA, which highlights Jabil’s innovations through product and experiences.

One such experience created through Leviathan’s collaboration with Jabil-subsidiary Radius:  a physical diorama paired with interactive digital content. Using 3D printed buildings and machine-milled topography plus projected content, the installation was conceived as an in-the-round virtual civic planner that would demonstrate the interconnected aspects of a future city. Multiple tablets were added to display supplemental material and allow control of various Internet-of-Things content scenarios.



Base fabrication: Lexington Design + Fabrication

3D printer for hero buildings: Five Star Plastics

Topographic model fabricator: Columbian Model + Exhibit Works, Ltd



Creative Director: Kyle Shoup

Producer: Gina Giambalvo

Sr. Programmer/Engineer: Adam Berg

Programmer/Engineer: David Braun

2D Designer/Animator/UI Designer: Ely Beyer

2D Designer/Animator/3D Animator: Nik Braatz

Sound Designer/Network Engineer: Lucas Schira

UV Mapper: Tobias Mattner

3D Modeler: Nate Davies

2D Designer and Animator/3D Animator: Jesse Willis

3D Modeler: CJ Sails

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Chief Scientist: Matt Daly



Managing Director: Jim Caruso

Senior Engineer: Chris Wlezien

Director of Research/Script Editor: Barbara Ballard


Creative Director/Editor/2D Designer: Gareth Fewel

3D Designer and Animator/Assistant Editor/Videographer: Tobias Mattner

Original Score, Sound Design: Waveplant Studios

Producer: Gina Giambalvo

Videographer: Andrew Birchett