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jason white speaks


What’s better than making new art for the Dolby Gallery? Having a fun conversation about the process, along with exploring creativity and design with the great crowd at Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco.

MGM Grand Press



The results are in, and Leviathan came home victorious! Winning an international competition, Leviathan produced an interactive lobby installation in the MGM Grand. Check out what the press had to say here:  DrumLittle Black Book

16:9 Podcast

Chad Hutson


The team here are big fans of online portal Sixteen:Nine (and not just because our work has been featured there), so when our prez Chad Hutson was invited to record a podcast for them he jumped at the opportunity. Listen here as he dives deep into our work on 150 Media Stream.

Interactive Competition

MGM Grand, Las Vegas


Leviathan battles two other creative agencies for domination of the MGM Grand. If chosen, we’ll bring our signature style to create an incredible interactive lobby experience.

Learn more here.

Vote for Team Leviathan here.

Annual Feature

Leviathan in SEGD


Check out SEGD’s list of top 12 influential immersive environments from the last year. Leviathan makes an appearance for Nike’s Test Stride activation in Shanghai, alongside an impressive list of other projects from across the globe.